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Terms and conditions for use of the iSelect website

iSelect provides this website (Website) to assist you to select your provider (the Service). By using the Website you acknowledge and agree to these conditions of use (Conditions of Use).

1.1 Amendment

iSelect may at any time and at iSelect’s absolute discretion vary these Conditions of Use.

1.2 Use of Your Information

You acknowledge and agree that iSelect may use your personal information in accordance with the iSelect Privacy Policy.

1.3 Limitation of Liability

1.3.1 Our participating providers supply some of the information available on the Website (Website Information) and therefore there may be inaccuracies in the Website Information over which iSelect has no control.
1.3.2 iSelect does not warrant or guarantee the: timeliness, accuracy or completeness of the Website Information; or quality of the results obtained from the use of the Website.
1.3.3 To the maximum extent permitted by law, iSelect has no liability in relation to or arising out of the Website Information and Website recommendations. You are responsible for the final choice of your product and you should take time to read through all information supplied before proceeding. If you are in any doubt regarding a product or its terms you should seek further advice from iSelect or the relevant participating provider before choosing your product.
1.3.4 iSelect may pass on your personal information to the relevant participating provider if you apply to purchase a product via iSelect, however, iSelect does not guarantee when or if you will actually acquire the product that you have chosen. iSelect does not accept any liability arising out of circumstances where there is delay in you acquiring the product you have chosen.

1.4 Disclosure of Commission

iSelect receives payment of commissions from participating providers in order to provide the services provided by iSelect on the Website (Service). You are not required to pay iSelect for the Service.

1.5 Pricing

All products are quoted in Australian dollars. The amounts quoted on the Website are subject to change and may also vary depending on the payment method chosen. Whilst iSelect endeavours to keep all product details and premiums on the Website current, iSelect does not guarantee the accuracy of pricing information on the Website.

1.6 Statements of the Law

Statements made on the Website are not intended to be statements of the law. Statements regarding the industry regime relating to the relevant product are summaries only which may not be comprehensive or complete.

1.7 Other information

1.7.1 The Website contains statements regarding the terms of the products offered, including details of the benefits available and items not covered by the product. Such statements are generalised in an attempt to give you a summary of the types of products available through iSelect. However, not all products are the same and you should confirm the exact terms of any product that you intend to purchase prior to proceeding.
1.7.2 The product information supplied on the Website is available only to Australian residents.
1.7.3 iSelect is not a registered health benefits organisation.